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iGuardian will be your new hero! it's a device designed to Monitor your internet connection reliability and generate reports.

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What is iGuardian

Internet connectivity analyser and reporting device with a cool user interface.

iGuardian is the first device that monitors your internet connection speed, generates email reports and charts with statistics about your service quality. Helping you to manage the relationship with your internet provider and bringing to light faults and help you claiming compensation to your service provider. Connect iGuardian to your internet connection, at home, work or on the go to your hotspot and check if your isp is doing well or if he owes you money.

Configure iGuardin with your provider details and let it handle the case. It's just a matter of seconds before you can see how much your provider owns you. Your expected speed will be compared with your received one then iGuardian return with some interesting result.

iGuardian User Interface
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Why iGuardian

Service reliability and fraud prevention

Provide the consumer with a reliable and costless way to monitor your internet connection and prevent unexpected lack of service from your provider. Nowadays internet service providers sell packages that often doesn't match with the actual service that we receive. As paying customer I have found that most of the providers were actually not providing a full service but still a full bill. Not only as a customer we seem responsible to constantly produce reports and work alongside the provider to troubleshoot their services most of the time down due to poor infrastructure. iGuardian tests the speed that your router receives from the server every minute and produces a report for you. The algorithm will calculate based on the amount you pay and the average service received the compensation that you should be receiving from your ISP.

How does iGuardian work?

Automatic scanning and reporting to the user and provider.

iGuardian works in the background for you when is activated. The speed test algorithm runs every minute and the data are available on demand in the web user interface.

From the built-in web user interface you can view the speed reports, configure your preferences and store all your speed tests results safely inside the iGuardian database.

 iGuardian - Download and Upload Graphs

Does iGuardian work anywhere?

At home, work, or maybe abroad? iGuardian just works.

iGuardian works anywhere it only needs an internet connection to run its tests. It has already tested connections in the United Kingdom and Italy, wireless and wired, the results are impressive.

At the core of iGuardian.

Raspberry PI, Ubuntu, Nginx, Mysql, Laravel, Vuejs and more.

Small and multifeatures iGuardian, buit using top industry technologies.

Guardian is built on top of Ubuntu, it's secure and reliable. Uses a built-in web server and database where it stores all your speed tests. Ubuntu, Nginx, Mysql, Python, PHP7 are the main stack combined with Laravel, VueJs and Bootstrap to build the amazing web user interface. The source code will be open source and available on GitHub.

iGuardian User Interface

PreOrder iGuardian Now!

Not fancy enough to try diy? make your own device can be complicated so just get in touch to have your iGuardian delivered to your door and ready to go.

iGuardian User Interface

Visit the official page to receive iGuardian at home.


Price: £ 199.00

Internet connectivity analyser and reporting device with a unique user interfaces.

  • iGuardian Device
  • iGuardian Software preinstalled
  • Remote Support
  • Delivery in 30 days
  • 30 days guardantee
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How to get iGuardian

You can prebook your iGuardian device by getting in touch with us.

Where did you tested iGuardian?

We tested iGuardian in Italy and UK under the most popular internet services providers Like BT, SKY, VIRGIN MEDIA in the UK, and TIM, Wind in Italy.

How do I contact the iGuardian team?

You can get in touch with use using our email address preorders@iguaridian.app

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